King Tutmosis IV : "King of Dreams."

King Tutmosis IV : "King of Dreams."

"hello | I am King Tutmosis IV, or as Egyptologists later called me, ""King of Dreams."" I would first like to apologize. Some people may find me a bit scary but trust me these are time factors. I died 3411 years ago, he was an elegant man, he always dyed my hair, cared for my teeth and wore clothes, the most luxurious bracelets, earrings and rings.

I come from a Royal family My father is His Majesty King Amenhotep II and Queen Tiye, and my grandfather is the conqueror, greatest ruler of Egypt and the first emperor of history, Tutmosis III. My grandson is the dreamer king and revolutionary. the owner of the first religious revolution in history, Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton), and my great grandson is the most famous Egyptian king in the world, which is Tutankhamun.

King Tutmosis IV :

Although he was from a royal family, he was not a legitimate heir of Egypt and had the ambition to rule the country. I had four brothers, so I resorted to using my intelligence. One day, I told my brothers and the priests of the court that I was on a hunting trip next to the great pyramids of our ancestors, and during the break I fell asleep for a while, I saw a dream in which the legendary creature, the Sphinx, me He asked me to remove the sand from him. and protect it so it won""t be wiped out of sight. Our ancestors built the Sphinx 1,300 years before I was born, and in that moment it was wiped away by dust. If I succeeded in my mission, he would reward me with the government of Egypt. In fact ""I removed sand from the Sphinx and built a wall around it and secured it."" This dream was on a wall and I placed it between its feet and it exists to this day. That""s why historians called me the dreamer king. In fact, the trick involved palace priests, but it didn""t involve my brothers, so things took a different course that I didn""t prefer, but the crown of Egypt deserves me to give up some of my principles so I can get placed. Top of my head

I married Queen Nefertari, Queen Jaaret, and a foreign princess named (Mut-Um-Wia) and had 4 children, including my successor, who inherited the throne after me, Amenhotep III, and 9 daughters.

I ruled Egypt for only nine years and died young, when I was a little over thirty years old, but during my reign I carried out disciplinary campaigns against the Bedouin and some rebellious Nubian tribes, and I fought against the Kingdom of Mitanni in Syria, the enemy of Egypt this time, and made a peace treaty with her king, ""Artatama"", and later married one of her daughters. Difficult negotiations with him, because I am the owner of the first peace treaty in history, and not, as rumored, that King Ramses II, who ruled Egypt 100 years after me, is the owner of the First Peace Treaty."

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